Mr. Azmat Javed is an Aitchisonian & Graduated from the University of the Punjab, received his Masters Degree in International Management Training for Planning Organizing Specialised Trade Fairs. He also went for the practical training in the workshop at Karben Frankfurt & CDG Germany.

Mr. Azmat Javed is presently the Director of Grand Group of companies and also Chief Executive officer of M/s Multi Business Services a Company of Grand Group which was establish in 1995 to play its active role in the service sector.

Mr. Azmat Javed further attended high profile special programme on Total Quality Management (TQM) for supporting SME Industry held at National Productivity Corporation kula Lumpur Malaysia organized by Asian productivity Organization (APO) Japan 2002.

Mr. Azmat Javed also attended several programmes for the promotion of SME’s which include programme on ISO 9000, 14000 & NEQS and also a special programme for Audits & Auditing Techniques in ISO 9000 TQM Centre LCCI. Mr. Javed received special Training in Aviation Sector & Information Technology at Honeywell Kansas, SAIC San Diego USA and Honeywell Singapore.

Mr. Azmat Javed is also specially interested in the promotion of Small and Medium Entrepreneur and have served this important sector of Pakistan economy through various plat forms as Chairman SME Committee of Engineering Component Machinery Manufacturing Association of Pakistan for the year 2001-2004, Mr. Javed also served the SME sector being the member of the SME Committee Federation Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) 2005-2006. Mr. Javed is also a Member of the SME Committee of the Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI).

Mr. Azmat Javed being a keen promoter of SME’s in Pakistan for which he has played a leading role to organize Fairs & Exhibitions at the forum of FPCCI and organized Lahore EXPO1996. He also was the Chief Organizer for the first International Technology Exhibition and Seminar Organized by LCCI+ACI+IEP. Mr. Azmat Javed also organized a special Exhibition and seminar for the promotion of SME’s Organize by ECMMA, Beside this he has been and active part of the Advisory Centre for Industrialization of LCCI where he organized various Catalogue Shows and provided Consultancy and Advisory service to 25000 Small Businessmen at home and abroad.

Mr. Azmat Javed is also a past Senior Vice Chairman of the Engineering Component Machinery Manufacturing Association of Pakistan and has remained Executive Committee Member of ECMMA many times.

Mr. Azmat Javed is also the past Chairman of the Zonal Fairs & Exhibition Committee of FPCCI for the year 2000-2001. Mr. Azmat Javed has also remained General Body Member of the FPCCI and the Member of the Standing Committee Fairs & Exhibitions of LCCI for the years 1997-98-2000 & 2001. Mr. Azmat Javed is presently Chairman of Fairs & Exhibition Committee of ECMMA.

Mr. Azmat Javed is the Director of Pak- Canada Business Council & Pak Sri Lanka Business Council of FPCCI. Mr. Javed is also the member of Pak USA Business Council of FPCCI.

Mr. Azmat Javed is holding the high profile offices as under

  • Director, Pak - Canada Business Council - FPCCI
  • Director, Pak - Sri Lanka Business Council – FPCCI
  • Member Pak - US Business Council – FPCCI
  • Chairman Fair & Exhibition Committee – ECMMA
  • Co-Chairman SME Committee – ECMMA
  • Member SME Committee – FPCCI
  • Member SME Committee – LCCI
  • Member of NGO Networking Committee – LABARD
  • Member of Career Planning & Skills Development Committee - LABARD
  • Founder & General Body Member - LABARD
  • Member Punjab Club
  • Member Gymkhana Club